Tuesday, July 25, 2017

July 25, 2017

Hello all!
Today we crossed our wake.  In other words, we finished the entire circle or Great Loop of the eastern coast of the United States and Canada.  It was an experience of a life time and we hope you all enjoyed following along with us.  We had over 14, 000 views on our blog.
After Kewaunee Marina, we headed for Harbor Centre in Sheboygan, WI.  We originally were going to fish a second day and head to Manitowoc, but the weather report looked nasty.  We decided to skip fishing and spend two nights at Sheboygan instead.  We were glad to make this decision.  Yesterday there were very strong winds.  It was reported waves reached 8 feet.  They were jumping high over the Sheboygan break wall.  Great to watch, as long as you are snug in harbor.

We saw a weather window this morning and decided to get up on plane for Milwaukee.  It was a wonderful ride.  

Most importantly, we appreciate all of the new friends we met along the way and are happy for the support of all our other friends and family.

Final pictures below:

Just another lighthouse on the way to Sheboygan, WI.  We loved seeing the differences between each and every one of them.

We had dinner With Mike's Sister Mary and her husband Mark, in Sheboygan.  They were our first family sighting, as we approached home.  We were very happy to see family.

Beautiful view on the way to Milwaukee, WI.  

Mike drove most of the way from Sheboygan to Milwaukee.  He loves to drive fast, on plane.

We took pictures of Milwaukee as we got closer and closer.  It is always a unique perspective from the water.

The above is a picture of the Milwaukee harbor north gap.  This is where we entered the harbor.

There are a lot of sailboats in the McKinley Marina.  We had to go there for our last tank of gas.

A view of Milwaukee from the McKinley gas dock.

View from in the harbor.

Great view of the Milwaukee home bridge.

Joell, Mike and Elwood holding the AGLCA looper flag and our new Gold Looper flag, we now get to fly for crossing our wake.

Joell's sister Beth met us at the South Shore Yacht Club.  We were also met by our loving kids Kristin and Tom.  It was really great seeing everyone again, in person.  Skype just isn't enough.
Walt met us later and a lot of South Shore Yacht Club members greated us with open arms.  It was a warm welcome home.  

Just a short trip by boat....we were back in no time...

Miles  5,468 
Fuel $14,215
Lodging $11,297

Saturday, July 22, 2017

July 22, 2017

We left Fish Creek and headed to Sturgeon Bay, WI.   We had a very nice meal at The Sturgeon Bay Yacht club and headed out on Lake Michigan this morning.  We drove between 2 and 3 mph as we fished our way toward Kewaunee, WI.  No luck at fishing but we will try again tomorrow.  Looking for a nice Salmon.

Leaving Fish Creek we noticed the beautiful hillside.  Unable to see this driving in a car to Door County.

So many of the loopers are going south by the Michigan side of Lake Michigan.  They are missing so much.  

Sturgeon Bay area

The 42 foot bridge in Sturgeon Bay

The Sturgeon Bay lighthouse

Mike fishing for salmon on Lake Michigan.  Joell was driving.

Beautiful hillsides of Lake Michigan Wisconsin side.

There was a salmon tournament going on Lake Michigan from Kewaunee to Door County.  A lot of fishing boats at Kewaunee Marina.

There is a very nice picnic area for boaters at Kewaunee Marina.  Skipperbud's at Sturgeon Bay was the same way.  Each marina had a nice fire pit with logs supplied.  Very welcoming.

Thursday, July 20, 2017

July 20, 2017

We left Beaver Island Wednesday and headed across Lake Michigan to Washington Island.  It was a beautiful day, with rolling waves that were tolerable.  The night at anchor was peaceful and quiet.  This morning we got up, made some eggs, realized we are an hour too early, and slowly took off for Fish Creek, Wisconsin.  

Below are three different views from our boat as we set out from Beaver Island.  Notice all the other boats around?  We saw a ship as we started out and no other boats out there.

When we finally got close to land we saw this lighthouse peeking out at us from Rock Island, WI.  

Near the Rock Island lighthouse were gorgeous white high cliffs.  Just love Wisconsin.
Most loopers take the Michigan side down to Chicago.  They really miss out on a beautiful area.  

There was a Beach filled with people, at our Washington Island anchorage.  By 5:00pm they were all gone and we were left with the beautiful sunset.

It really was a peaceful night.

Today we went into town at Fish Creek.  Mike took this picture of a restaurant and wine bar called the Cookery.  He thought it might be a newer restaurant in Fish Creek.  We both enjoyed revisiting this old stomping ground.  Shared and reminded each other of memories at Fish Creek and Peninsula State Park.  
Due to the up and coming weekend we were only able to get one night at Fish Creek Municipal marina.  We will be heading to Sturgeon Bay tomorrow morning.  
We bought our 2017 Wisconsin fishing licenses today.  Hope to do some salmon fishing on Lake Michigan, as we head towards home.

Tuesday, July 18, 2017

July 18th, 2017

Beaver Island
Arrived at the Beaver Island Municipal Marina and gassed up at around $4.30 a gallon... Getting the boat tied up for the upcoming storm then Joell and I went to an Irish Pub....while sitting there we both commented on how we felt like we're still moving on the boat...The long ride from Mackinaw City Marina with winds up to 20 mph really rocked us...ended up tossing our coffee pot off of the shelf and busting it up a bid, but I think it might still work...

Tomorrow we'll be heading to an anchorage on Washington Island...then off to Fish Creek if all works out...

Here's a little video of the approaching storm...

But it just wimped out...
July 17, 2017

On July 16th, Mike and Joell left Drummond for Mackinaw City Marina.  It was a beautiful day on Lake Huron.  We haven't seen days like this for a while.  It was refreshing.  We even spent the evening strolling the streets of Mackinaw and enjoying the sights, with Elwood, of course.  
Today, Vicky and Ken, who we met in Marathon Florida, joined us for a wonderful day at Mackinac Island.  They drove 2 hours from their home in Michigan to spend the day with us.  
We also met many old friends from South Shore Yacht Club today at Mackinac Island.  Sailboats racing in the Chicago to Mackinac Island race were starting to come in.  We couldn't have planned it any better.  Well, maybe if our friends from Rogue had made it there it would have been more perfect. We might see them tomorrow morning as we head out to Beaver Island.  The race was a ruff one and many sailboats quit part way through the race.  Rogue stuck it out and is still headed our way.

This light house, De Tour Reef Light, was at the De Tour Passage Inlet leading to Lake Huron.

Traveling on Lake Huron for a few hours and then saw the Mackinaw Bridge in the distance.

Here is Mackinac Island as we got closer.  The Grand Hotel is on the left upper side.

These fast speed ferries were rocking us in the harbor.

Showing off with there rooster tail...

This lighthouse marks the north end of Round Island, just south of Mackinac Island.

Mackinac City Marina office and lounge.  Very nice.

We had a drink at the Saloon in Mackinaw City.

The saloon had bar stools that looked like a saddle.

Today we took a ferry from Mackinaw City to Mackinaw Island.  Above is the Mackinac Fort.

The only vehicles on Mackinac Island are a firetruck and an ambulance.  Otherwise horses pull all supplies around the Island.
This looks like mail and supply delivery...

Mackinac Island.

We took a carriage ride around the island.

Grand Hotel in the distance.

This church was built with limestone from the island.

Grand Hotel up closer.

This is the new Storage area for the Grand Hotel carriages.  The old one rotted away.

Ken and Vickie

Curved Rock.

Beautiful view.

Homes on Mackinac Island were filled with beautiful flowers.  

Vickie and Ken

Mike and Joell

We had dinner at an italian restaurant, Nonna Lisa's,  that made wood baked pizzas.

It was a very unique restaurant.  There were two kinds of bear there.
Kenny Bear and Big Bear...